Why Adults Are Turning To Adulting Classes

Many adults are trying to learn the skills they wish they had been taught in school. Should you?

Why Many People Are Turning to Adulting Courses. Should You?

Generally, millennials and Gen Zs are getting more education as the years go by. According to research, 63% of millennials value a college education and plan to get one, and slowly, Gen Zs are climbing a more extended academic ladder. But here’s the thing: although many of them thrive academically, they struggle to navigate adulthood successfully.

This article discusses why many young people battle with real-life situations, how adulting courses help, and why you should enroll in one.

Let’s begin.

Why many people are taking adulting courses

Adulting is quite challenging for many young people trying to navigate the process. While they may be professionals in their chosen academic fields, they also wish they were taught practical ways to solve real-life problems as kids. In addition, many of them are overwhelmed with essential grown-up responsibilities, including managing their finances and relationships, looking after their health, cooking, cleaning, etc.

It’s easy to blame people, but when you take a deeper look into the cause of the problem, you’d realize these challenges are rooted in our childhoods. For example, helicopter parents focus primarily on their kids’ academic pursuits, neglecting other critical aspects of their lives, including stress and relationships management, financial literacy, etc. Therefore, kids grow up to be successful academically but are stressed by the adulting process.

However, the blame doesn’t rest solely on parents; schools take a large chunk of the responsibility. For example, many schools do not include basic life skills training in their curriculum, focusing mainly on academic-related subjects. For example, when asked if College life prepared them for solving real-life problems in a survey on student engagement, 15% said very little, and 33% said just some.

This is why many Millennials and Gen Z are taking “adulting” classes to find tips and strategies for adulthood. These classes teach them simple but effective ways to take responsibility, achieve maturity, and combat adulting challenges.

In his book, The Vanishing American Adult: Our Coming-of-Age Crisis and how to build a Culture of Self-Reliance, US Sen. Ben Sasse, former university president in Nebraska, says, “our culture is trying to protect kids from similar hard experiences when we should be running towards a different direction. Children need to know in their hearts and bones that suffering is not something to be avoided but conquered.” And this is precisely what adulting classes do; teaching students to overcome real problems so that changing a flat tire, following a manual, or paying their bills so that life becomes easier.

Should you consider Adulting classes?

Adulting classes teach practical and soft skills to help you get on your feet and survive in the real adult world. They train you to be truly independent and gain the confidence to make life-impacting decisions on your own.

From basic life hacks like following a food recipe, mending a torn dress to coping skills like handling failure and rejection, and relationship skills like self-expression and teamwork, adulting classes equip you with the resources required to succeed. So, if adulthood seems like a puzzle, taking adulting classes will give you the tactics to place all the pieces together.

Where can you find adulting classes?

Should you consider adulting classes, Adultology offers courses from financial planning to self-awareness, career management, health, etc. So, you can select courses based on where you are on your journey to meet your unique needs. To learn more about adulting, have a look at our courses today and choose your best picks.

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