Buying and Maintaining a Car

Learn how to properly select, finance, insure, and maintain a car. Also learn the differences amongst car warranties and key items you should have..

Course Summary

For many people a car is vital from getting from point A to point B. But many people have no idea of the research necessary to obtain a quality car and avoid getting taken advantage of with a bad loan. So this course will focus on helping you do just that, while also making sure you get a great deal on a safe, valuable and dependable vehicle.

The objectives of this course include the following: 

  • How to assess your finances to determine how much car you can afford 
  •  How your credit and income affects your car loan rates and affordability  
  • How to find financing for a car loan and which types of financing to avoid 
  • The pros and cons of new vs used and when each is most appropriate  
  • What depreciation is, how it works, and how it affects your car loan terms 
  • Which cars depreciate fastest and how to find the depreciation rate of your car  
  • How perform car research for safety, reliability, fuel efficiency, maintenance costs vehicle value, and depreciation  
  • How to determine maintenance costs for your future car  
  • Which car brands have the highest and lowest maintenance costs  
  • How to find your car's safety ratings and blue book value 
  •  How to find car insurance and the different types of car insurance available  
  • The best and worst car insurance companies  
  • Why you should avoid dealer financing  
  • What all of your dashboard lights mean  
  • The 3 types of maintenance  
  • The 5 types of roadside assistance programs  
  • What powertrain and bumper to bumper warranties cover and the 3 ways to obtain a warranty  
  • 22 things you should keep in your car for Safety, Survival, or Breakdowns 
  • How to do certain types of maintenance

Course Curriculum

Marquese Lewis

Marquese is a disabled Army Veteran, Wharton MBA, DOD Business Manager, Operations Officer for Inheritance AI, and former District Executive for Life Skills Programming in the Boy Scouts. She is also a mother, Avid Researcher, Businesswoman and Investor. Through her collective knowledge and experience she brings a wealth of information to help students enter and thrive in adulthood. 


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  • Buying and Maintaining a Car
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    Learn to select, buy and maintain your car, choose warranties, and which items to keep in your car at all times.

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