Buying and Maintaining a Home

Learn the pros and cons of renting vs buying, cost of living, home affordability, home buying steps and documents, furniture and home maintenance.

Course Summary

One key component of learning how to be an adult is getting out on your own or getting and managing your home. When you decide to find a new home, whether it is your first apartment or your third house, you have a lot of different decisions to make. You have to consider the location, moving expenses, amenities, features, and personal desires. Beyond this you also need to know how to best budget.

The objectives of this course include the following: 

  • The pros and cons of renting vs owning and when each is  appropriate 
  • How to choose a location based upon cost of living, affordability, traffic, and other key factors  
  • How to assess an apartment and identify amenities 
  • The expenses expected when obtaining an apartment  
  • How to understand lease terms and what to know about tenant laws  
  • Factors to consider when attempting to buy a house  
  • Home buying steps  How to choose a realtor 
  • Types of mortgage loans and the elements of  a mortgage 
  • How to read closing documents and loan estimates  
  • Factors and costs to consider when moving  
  • Where to find key systems in your home 
  • How and when to perform home maintenance and basic repairs 

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Shomara Reyes

Shomara R.

I found the course informative. I understood some parts of the homebuying process, but this course helped to fill in some of the blanks I knew I had and other areas I didn't know about. This is definitely a course I can continue to reference as I go through the homebuying process. I highly recommend and look forward to what the other courses have to offer.

2 years ago

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Home Buying and Maintenance

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  • Learn about renting vs. buying, cost of living, home buying, home maintenance, and choosing a location.

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