Obtaining and Maintaining Clothing

Learn how to select, clean, and maintain your clothing, identify your body type, obtain clothing staples and dress for the occasion.

Course Summary

The clothing course is designed to help you understand how to dress and manage your clothing. Mastering your dress is a critical first step for young adults who hope to establish their professional reputation and master the art of first impression.

The objectives of this course include the following:

  • The effects of clothing on Image and Perception
  •  How to find your body type 
  • How to dress for your body type 
  • How to dress for formal, informal, casual, and professional occasions 
  • What versatile professional clothing is and what you should obtain
  • The differences between dry cleaning and wet cleaning 
  • The chemical process of dry cleaning 
  • How to read laundry care symbols on clothing tags 
  • Which materials should always be dry cleaned 
  • How to properly wash your clothing, including how to prep, separate, set temperature and agitation settings 
  • When and how to clean your clothing by article type 
  • When to clean household materials like washcloths and curtains

Course Curriculum

Marquese Lewis

Marquese is a disabled Army Veteran, Wharton MBA, DOD Business Manager, Operations Officer for Inheritance AI, and former District Executive for Life Skills Programming in the Boy Scouts. She is also a mother, Avid Researcher, Businesswoman and Investor. Through her collective knowledge and experience she brings a wealth of information to help students enter and thrive in adulthood. 


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  • Obtaining and Maintaining Clothing
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    Learn how to identify your body type, dress for the occasion and maintain your clothing

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