Getting and Managing a Career

Learn to choose, prepare for, manage and maintain your career. Also learn how to select employment benefits, fill out forms and read your pay stub.

Course Summary

One key factor most adults find themselves constantly concerned with is managing their career. The same concern is evident in many teens and young adults. And while there are tons of available options, it is vital that you understand how to choose the best career and manage your career while working.

The objectives of this course include the following:

  • The most common post high school career decisions 
  •  How to apply for college and choose the best college major 
  • How student loans work and other methods to pay for college  
  • Free college options  
  • How to prepare for college while in high school 
  • The 8 branches of the uniformed services and how to enter each  
  • The differences between officer and enlisted and the process for entrance 
  • How to pursue trade careers  
  • How to perform career mapping and career planning  
  • How to find your purpose by assessing your talents and available vocations 
  • Using ONET and the Career Handbook to identify and assess careers  
  • How to determine the knowledge and skills needed for a career  
  • How to assess the career outlook and projections of a career field 
  • How to determine your career trajectory and milestones 
  • How to be the most valuable job candidate by presenting a professional resume and online profile 
  •  How to write a resume and thank you letter
  • How to use job aggregators to search for jobs 
  • How to analyze your job competition 
  • How to prepare for an interview, do company research and prepare questions for the interviewer  
  • How to assess salary needs based upon location  
  • How to compare companies based upon salary, terms, and benefits  
  • How to use company tools and resources for your professional growth  
  • How to read your pay check and evaluate company benefits  
  • How to do backwards planning to prepare for future jobs 
  • How to manage your reputation as a great work 
  • How to manage professional conflict  
  • How and when to properly depart a job 

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Course Curriculum

Marquese Lewis

Marquese is a disabled Army Veteran, Wharton MBA, DOD Business Manager, Operations Officer for Inheritance AI, and former District Executive for Life Skills Programming in the Boy Scouts. She is also a mother, Avid Researcher, Businesswoman and Investor. Through her collective knowledge and experience she brings a wealth of information to help students enter and thrive in adulthood. 


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Getting and Managing a Career

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  • Learn how to choose and manage your career. Learn about employment benefits and pay.

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