What if you could strategically map out your CAREER?

Its difficult to navigate your career without a plan and sadly most people attempt to do just that, leading to spending years in a career without a direction or worse being underemployed. 

Fortunately we can help...

Now you can get our detailed Career Planner to help you to pinpoint your passions, identify career opportunities, weigh the career prospects, and ultimately map out your career. 

Why Use a Career Planner? 

You may be wondering why you need a career planner, after all once you get your degree you will simply get a job and get promoted, right? Wrong. Did you know that 27% of people with college degrees do not even work in their field? Also 43% of college graduates are underemployed and working in jobs which do not  required a college degree. What they all have in common is that they DID NOT have a solid plan.


What's Inside? 

Our detailed career planner will help you conduct your due diligence whether you are still in high school, trying to understand the career options available to you or, or planning a career change.  

Here's what's included:

  • Introspective tasks to identify your skills and passions and the importance of specific attributes for your future career.
  • Checklists to identify the necessary tasks for each year from high school to college to the first years of your career.
  • Tasks which help you to identify knowledge and skills needed for specific careers and methods to determine your capabilities
  • Compare careers based upon their requirements, trajectory, and outlook then compare jobs based upon job description, benefits pros and cons
  • Review your current network for deficiencies and work to build and manage your future network based upon your needs.
  • Establish Goals, Identify and set Milestones, and Monitor Skill Gaps