Grocery Shopping and Cooking

Learn money saving techniques and gain an in-depth understanding of food including vegetables, meats, rice, cheese, beans, and pasta.

Course Summary

While many of us love to eat out occasionally, there is no denying that at some point we have to eat a few meals at home. During this time, it is best to know how to properly shop as well as properly cook so that you can eat healthily and not waste food.

The objectives of this course include the following:

  • The cost of eating in vs eating out 
  • How to analyze the layout of the grocery store 
  • The difference between perishable, preservable and nonperishable goods 
  • How to properly store food and the variations in food lifespan 
  • How to analyze pricing and budget for grocery spending 
  • The differences in pan materials and which critical tools and utensils are needed in the kitchen 
  • The 7 different food categories 
  • The difference in the sections of meat, pork and poultry and how to properly prepare them
  • Types of vegetables and how to properly cook eat type 
  • The variations in rice, beans and pasta and best uses 
  • The different types of cooking methods and differences between dry and wet heat. 
  • How to properly prepare, defrost, brine, marinate, and season food 
  • The variations in cheeses by age and which to use for melting 
  • The difference between herbs, spices and aromatics and how to properly season food based upon type.
  • Sensory characteristics of seasonings and how to balance flavors 
  • How to make roux’s, sauces, broths, stocks, and soups from scratch

Course Curriculum

Marquese Lewis

Marquese is a disabled Army Veteran, Wharton MBA, DOD Business Manager, Operations Officer for Inheritance AI, and former District Executive for Life Skills Programming in the Boy Scouts. She is also a mother, Avid Researcher, Businesswoman and Investor. Through her collective knowledge and experience she brings a wealth of information to help students enter and thrive in adulthood. 


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  • Grocery Shopping and Cooking
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    Learn to grocery, gain an understanding of detailed food information, and learn to cook from scratch.

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