Self Awareness

Understanding your talents, morals, biases, and triggers, managing your online brand, getting out of your comfort zone.

Course Summary

The self awareness course is designed to help you self examine in order to understand your talents, character, biases, strengths, weaknesses, and triggers. By understanding these factors about yourself, you will be better equipped to understand and leave your comfort zone, become openminded, and manage your overall behavior.

The objectives of this course include the following: 

  • The different types of intelligences and which career is best for yours
  • How to examine your emotional, intelligence, spiritual and physical quotients 
  • How to analyze your character and how you can effectively work to live up to your morals 
  • How to manage your behavior by understanding and controlling the effects of your triggers  
  • How biases become cognitive distortions
  • How to examine, understand, and challenge your biases 
  • How to identify your comfort zone, learning zone, and panic zones
  • How to reframe your thoughts to leave your comfort zone 
  • How to Identify appropriate coping mechanisms for reactive behaviors
  • How to Conduct a personal SWOT analysis to examine your Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities for growth and Threats
  • How to find your purpose using the ikigai method

As a BONUS You will also receive the Shadow Work Guide!

Course Curriculum

Marquese Lewis

Marquese is a disabled Army Veteran, Wharton MBA, DOD Business Manager, Operations Officer for Inheritance AI, and former District Executive for Life Skills Programming in the Boy Scouts. She is also a mother, Avid Researcher, Businesswoman and Investor. Through her collective knowledge and experience she brings a wealth of information to help students enter and thrive in adulthood.